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Create flyer // Uster (Zurich)

After creating a website for free / By Martin Adama, Uster


Great websites

Let's make great websites!

We help you to design professional flyers for a large provider that operates internationally. Prices at Vistaprint are OK.

But what Vistaprint does really well is the beautiful design templates, which can be changed individually.

If you let us create a website, designing a flyer or business card, or both, is FREE: You only pay for the production and shipping.

The prices of the flyers start like this: 50 pieces. CHF 8.50

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Nowadays, more and more Swiss people are using their mobile devices on the Internet. See here how many there are. It's an unbelievable 85% of the users. So nowadays it is a MUST have your site to be mobile ready.

What is mobile suitable>

At many web studios you can get websites from 2000.-. Unfortunately, what very few web designers forget or simply do not know is how to technically optimize a website (SEO) by Google. Thanks to my many years of experience in the web, I know what is important.

What is Google Optimization>

We plan the website together and try to stick to certain `` rules ''.

We will be able to implement the site together in very close contact. In many cases, I can finish your site within half a day.

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