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Full service web design // Uster (Zurich)

Full service web design / By Martin Adama, Uster

I Full service from the web factory

Great websites

Let's make great websites!

I'm different from a big agency

I'm different from a big agency. As I am a sole proprietorship and can fully concentrate on your assignment, I am incredibly fast and effective. This is reflected in the costs because it is cheaper for you. A basic design, with 4-5 pages I often finished within 2-3 hours.

Besides, I am free. Free from disruptive duties, free from 8 hour days, free from constraints and disruptive factors such as loud printers or phone calls that are forcibly overheard in an office. I can fully concentrate on what is important: The programming of your website. This enables me to develop more creative and sophisticated solutions. I live the dream of the modern world and I am more effective, more efficient and more cost-effective for you as a customer. Let me create a website for you and see for yourself.

Mobile capability included!

Today there are twice as many smartphones as there are desktop computers. The tablet market has exploded. Ordinary desktop computers are becoming increasingly rare. Today your customer goes online with their smartphone. About 85% of the clicks are now on the Internet. He surfs comfortably on the couch, sits on his terrace under the parasol, googeld during the daily journey on the train or he lies in bed and shops! The advent of online devices is a revolution. The presentation of websites on various devices - with various screen sizes - is the most important thing when creating a website today! Nothing works anymore if your website cannot be conveniently operated on the smartphone. I am no longer creating a website without mobile capability. For me it is absolutely natural. It doesn't cost you any more either. In any case, you get a website that is mobile and can be ideally displayed and conveniently operated using a tablet or smartphone.

What is mobile capability

A website that recognizes the device on which the customer opens the website is called mobile-capable. Give it a try, if you have never paid attention to it. Open this site on your mobile phone or on your PC.

Sustainable concepts right from the start

Creating a website requires some preliminary work. With increasing effort, a good concept is the most important thing before any web development. It is not uncommon for your company to have many open questions when designing a website. Which target group should be reached? How do your customers "tick"? How are corporate structures presented to the public? How can you use web design to make your company future-proof, so that a structure and design basis is created on which you can build?

All of these questions can be clarified in joint discussions and this is the only way to obtain a website that is future-proof. Creating a website with a future-proof web design is extremely important. We accompany you right from the start with advice, drafts, conceptions, through web development to the final maintenance of the content, marketing tasks and advanced search engine measures.

When the website is ready

When the website is ready and accepted by the customer, you have two options.

1. Either we create a login for you and explain to you in a 30-minute short training how the basic functions are.

2. Or you'd rather not say and let us do that. Then we make a little agreement and we take full care of the website. No fear. There will be no terrible bills. We ONLY charge what you have given us, and that at the hourly rate of human 100 .- / hour.

Message sent successfully!


Nowadays, more and more Swiss people are using their mobile devices on the Internet. See here how many there are. It's an unbelievable 85% of the users. So nowadays it is a MUST have your site to be mobile ready.

What is mobile suitable>

At many web studios you can get websites from 2000.-. Unfortunately, what very few web designers forget or simply do not know is how to technically optimize a website (SEO) by Google. Thanks to my many years of experience in the web, I know what is important.

What is Google Optimization>


We plan the website together and try to stick to certain `` rules ''.

We will be able to implement the site together in very close contact. In many cases, I can finish your site within half a day.

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