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Do you have a website and it cannot be found? That happens often!

Google findbarkeit verbessern

I have Google experience for 20 years

Google Optimieren, Seo verbessern

Google experience for 20 years!

Do you have a website and it cannot be found? We help you!

Many websites are simply not found. Improve your own website ranking in order to generate more customers and higher sales - there is probably no entrepreneur who would say "no" to this. Achieving a high ranking in the search engines is unfortunately anything but easy. This is especially true for industries in which there is intense competition.

I have more than 20 years of experience. In 1998 my first website went online!

We are one of the first addresses for SMEs and small companies who want to improve their website ranking. I've studied and got to know Google over the years. We optimize websites for companies from all sectors - from restaurants to industry to dog grooming.

New prospective buyers every day

There are a lot of advantages to having a top spot in search results. On the one hand, a good ranking is associated with a high level of prestige, since the first-placed websites are perceived by users as valuable sources of information. Your brand will become more and more popular this way without you having to do anything. If you add new subpages to your website, these will also be given a good ranking by the search engines.

The most important advantage of a high ranking, however, is another one - namely a noticeable increase in visitors interested in buying. The likelihood that someone will click on your website link is much higher with a top ranking than with a bad position. Statistics show that the top ten websites account for over 90% of all visits. Today only a few users have the patience to search for the information they need on the following hit pages. So it is worthwhile to improve your own website ranking!

This is how we go about raising your ranking.

In order to improve your website ranking, we first carry out a thorough analysis of your existing website. Our experts examine every area of ​​your site and determine whether a technical or content redesign is necessary. In addition, there are points such as menu navigation and user-friendliness, which are seen as one of the most important ranking factors. This is followed by a competition analysis, the results of which form the basis for the keyword selection.

In the next step, we work closely with you to develop a tailor-made strategy that aims to get to the first search results within a manageable period of time. In addition to a comprehensive site optimization, the so-called offpage optimization is also important, the aim of which is to increase the popularity of your website. We pay special attention to the development of high quality backlinks that are placed on relevant pages.


Many internet agencies don't like to talk about costs. After the work is done, the customer receives a horrific bill. We are different there. One hour costs CHF 100.- the first consultation is free. For a 4-6 page website, we expect 2-3 hours of work. That means, for about 300.00 Google you get perfected changes and tips on how you can maintain the website in the future. Of course we can do everything. A new website that has been Google optimized from the start. Click here.

Have we piqued your interest? We would be happy to make you a free offer. Please enter your contact details and your web address so that we can get an initial overview. By the way: If you want to improve your website ranking, you don't have to commit to us for the long term. - You decide how long.

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Nowadays, more and more Swiss people are using their mobile devices on the Internet. See here how many there are. It's an unbelievable 85% of the users. So nowadays it is a MUST have your site to be mobile ready.

What is mobile suitable>

At many web studios you can get websites from 2000.-. Unfortunately, what very few web designers forget or simply do not know is how to technically optimize a website (SEO) by Google. Thanks to my many years of experience in the web, I know what is important.

What is Google Optimization>


We plan the website together and try to stick to certain `` rules ''.

We will be able to implement the site together in very close contact. In many cases, I can finish your site within half a day.

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