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Responsive web design // Uster (Zurich)

Responsive Webdesign / By Martin Adama, Uster (Zurich)

I what does that mean?

Great websites

Let's make great websites!

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design means in a figurative sense: "responsive web design". This means a uniform display on all devices, such as tablets, iPads, smartphones and desktop computers.

It is a technology, using HTML and CSS3, which ensures that your website is designed uniformly on all devices and flexibly adapts to the screen sizes and thus offers constant user-friendliness. So you have one website for all devices. Your website adapts automatically to the respective requirements of the device and is always easy to use. As a customer, you have nothing to do with it. Our Systam does this practically fully automatically.

Advantages of mobile website optimization

The necessity of responsive website optimization is not a trend following. It's the revolution that began years ago. The number of smartphones rose rapidly years ago. And with that, the introduction of mobile website optimization has become the main task of a web designer. The user is sitting at a PC less and less. He's sitting on the couch with his iPad and surfing the train with his smartphone. Your customer is almost always online. The PC is no longer the number one platform. The smartphone is the human communication center.

With a website that is mobile capable, you ensure that more than 50% of your users can use your website comfortably. Or to put it the other way around. If your website is NOT mobile, you will lose 50% of all users.

What does that mean in terms of implementation?

You have no problem with a new development or a complete redesign. Responsive web design is part of our standard equipment. We no longer develop a website without mobile capability.

The web designer had to change his traditional method of website development. In the past, you developed a design for the desktop. Mostly with Photoshop. That is no longer practicable today. The large Photoshop draft for the desktop, which is then broken down for mobile implementation, is no longer an effective and sensible method. Today the strategy is called “Mobile First”. First, the layout for the smartphone is designed and as the screen size increases, additional elements are added. Backgrounds, navigation elements, larger images, additional features, etc. This is a completely different kind of website development.

If you have an existing website, but are otherwise satisfied with the website, there are options to make the website mobile. This is always an individual task, depending on the number of pages, the functions the website has and the CMS system on which the website is built. Do not be discouraged. In principle, it is possible to make it mobile-ready for every website, but mostly a new development that starts with us from 500.- makes more sense.

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Nowadays, more and more Swiss people are using their mobile devices on the Internet. See here how many there are. It's an unbelievable 85% of the users. So nowadays it is a MUST have your site to be mobile ready.

What is mobile suitable>

At many web studios you can get websites from 2000.-. Unfortunately, what very few web designers forget or simply do not know is how to technically optimize a website (SEO) by Google. Thanks to my many years of experience in the web, I know what is important.

What is Google Optimization>

We plan the website together and try to stick to certain `` rules ''.

We will be able to implement the site together in very close contact. In many cases, I can finish your site within half a day.

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